A great option if you want a big full gauge display.  A high quality 8.4 inch display so you can see big horizontal layout gauges!  Must be used with Enginestat-S kit.  Great accessory for tuning or for a custom look. Requires MP-ES-S to operate.

Kit comes with EngineStat-S software pre-loaded and ready to run! Included are 8.4 inch Android tablet display.  Of course, the EngineStat motor saving alarm systems are on full time to monitor critical engine parameters. 

Your engine can be destroyed in minutes if oil levels are too low! Your classic cars old fashioned warning systems depend on cheap incandescent bulbs or inaccurate un-calibrated gauges. Don’t risk an irreplaceable engine. PATENTS PENDING.

EngineStat monitors the following critical parameters: Oil Pressure, temperature on two channels both radiator and oil, battery, vacuum, and RPM!  Requires MP-ES-S to operate.

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