Enginestat-S (model number MP-ES-S) is our new standalone engine monitoring product that does not require you to use your phone.  You get a 7 inch ultra thin touch display with optionally connected charger and the now world famous EngineStat.  You get dual temperature monitoring -- radiator fin temperature sensing and an additional sensor to use for oil/manifold/transmission or anything you need!   A new modern user interface too for easy control and virtual gauges!  Plus you get vital engine data like oil pressure, battery charging voltage, engine RPM, engine vacuum, and most importantly ALARMS!  Set independent high and low oil pressure alarms, engine RPM and radiator temperature alarms.  

All of the advantages and features of the EngineStat Pro but with the added power of advanced dual temperature monitoring and an included stand alone display. Monitor your classic car’s valuable motor at all times. Even if your old car’s sensors/gauges fail, lamps burn out or your wiring is intermittent, EngineStat will alert you to potential problems before it is too late. 

If you know everything about engines you will appreciate having engine RPM, oil pressure, temperature, battery voltage, and vacuum data right at your finger tips without hooking up extra gauges or under the hood instrumentation - anytime you want to check your motor's vitals. If you are an engine novice, you have to protect your classic cars engine with EngineStat with automatic alarms and now with more data and more room for feature expansion.

Don’t trust your irreplaceable classic car engine to out dated technology like an idiot light or 50 year old gauges which only tell you something is going wrong after it is too late! Low oil levels, high temperatures can lead to engine destruction.

EngineStat will work on any gasoline engine made in the 30s 40s 50s or 60s or 70s!.   For late model engine’s made after about 1984-1999 coil packs may be in use which will require the use of a spark adapter.

Kit includes Enginestat-S engine module, wiring, analog oil pressure sensor, oil pressure fittings, connectors, radiator temperature sensor, oil temperature sensor with 5/16 lug mounting, and complete installation instructions.  No need to use your phone 7 inch ultra thin easy to mount display included!  


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